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Storymate Honest Review

Hootsuite Vs Storymate -- The Heavyweight Social Media Showdown

Notice: This post was originally released on 20th June 2014 and continues to be updated several times to take into consideration the latest attributes for the Hootsuite and Storymate and also the latest update being 12th July 2016.

Yes we're a hyperlink constructing agency that offer associate building services but societal media has come to be a major part of almost everything we do online.

A powerful social media presence leads to brand awareness, strong client relationship management, target market growth, valuable opinions and a increase in traffic.

Since the likes of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn are still hugely popular, it's crucial to develop strong social media skills to be able to participate, listen to and react to your target audience.

The largest challenge that we all face when it comes to social media is time management.

Planning and organization are crucial but with so many unique networks to handle it can be tricky to remain organised.

However, the reality is there are now tools on the market that are made to help save time and stay organized when it comes to social media.

They can help us schedule articles, monitor mentions, react to our followers and gain essential insights through the use of analytics, and statistics.

In this post I'm going to walk you through two of these programs I'm asked about all -- Hootsuite and Storymate.

From the conclusion of the article you'll gain an integral comprehension into the pros and cons of each tool, and how you can leverage them to achieve better results from your social networking efforts.

Let us dive in and have a good look!


With Hootsuite exceeding 10 million clients, there's no doubt that they are one of the most common social media management programs around.

This useful tool helps you manage all aspects of your Social Websites activity like:

Publishing & scheduling upgrades
Sourcing engaging content
Responding to a followers
Tracking your progress using analytics

Aside from the management and monitoring operation, you may also collaborate with team members by delegating tasks -- a task can be produced directly from inside a stream (this is what screens social messages along with mentions).

A wide range of networks are supported that include:



Mixi (Japanese social networking service)

Hootsuite also provides social media training throughout the Hootsuite University -- a collection of lectures that feature best practices and tips from industry-leading manufacturers, platforms and educators.

If it is possible to demonstrate your expertise at the end of the course, you receive a certificate that shows you are currently a certified"Hootsuite Professional".

What we enjoy about Hootsuite

Hootsuite's main strength lies in the huge assortment of features. You can pretty much do anything that you can possibly think of regarding social media.

Tracking numerous streams in the exact identical time is just another great characteristic of Hootsuite. For instance with Twitter you can add: mentions, lists (favorites ), hashtags, keywords, home feed, competitions' feeds, etc..

It's easy to respond to mentions within the system and there are a few additional options you have access to:

Automobile schedule -- need to answer but not right today? It is easy!
Schedule on a specific date If the automobile schedule is not appropriate, just choose a time & date.
Drafts -- It is possible to save yourself an in-progress message or use a draft as a template of sorts (note: templates was a feature but has been eliminated in favour of drafts).

There's a publisher menu tab which allows you to see your scheduled updates onto a calendar. You will also discover the majority schedule feature which permits you to upload a .csv file into Hootsuite full of your societal messages together with the dates/times you want them to be published.

Publisher Tab

Should you need help locating content to discuss, there is a content suggestion feature constructed in.

You also get access to a browser extension called"Hootlet" which makes it easy to share webpages to any of your networks while you're surfing the web.


If you click a tweet button on a website, you will also understand the choice to use the Hootlet right alongside the normal tweet button.

Hootsuite's customer service is spot on which is obviously an important factor to take into consideration and there's a variety of mobile apps.

Out of everything else, I love that Hootsuite was at the game for quite a while (because 2008). This implies it is a well-developed, adult tool.

This is important because so many social management tools are being launched and most of them disappear after a time. The downside when this occurs is that we get accustomed to using tools and it requires some time to migrate over to a new tool.

What we don't enjoy about Hootsuite

I'm a big fan of Hootsuite but just like with most tools, it's not perfect.

This instrument comes fully packed with a lot of tools, but the trade-off is that the dash has become rather intricate. Despite several redesigns, it still doesn't have a exact user-friendly feel.

Although, it's possible to undoubtedly warm it up might just take more time to find your way around.

The other main drawback to Hootsuite is the cost of analytics reports, pricing, and generally, is good since there's a completely totally free plan and also a low-cost pro plan however, you can not simply open an e mails report just like with many social programs -- you're given a limited amount of credits based on your strategy.

This will include a few primary reports on the free plan and an improved report on the pro plan -- it shouldn't be so complicated when a lot of different tools make analytics/reporting so easy.


Hootsuite provides a bunch of different subscriptions.

You've got a completely free plan which supports 3 social profiles with very basic functionality.

Paid plans then begin at #7.99/month (when billed annually) or #11.99/month (when billed per month ). Paid plans include extra features, and they've got other programs such as'Teams','Business' and'Enterprise' that each offer more social profiles and additional attributes as you work your way up.

If you haven't given it a try you can get a free 30 Day trial of HootSuite.
The lowdown on Storymate


Concerning sophistication, Storymate is nearly the polar opposite of Hootsuite. You don't get such a broad array of attributes but what you do get will be a cleaner and simpler to use tool.

One important thing to point out here is just yet another key difference between the 2 platforms:

Where Hootsuite concentrates on overall social media management which includes scheduling, engaging and monitoring -- Storymate simply focuses more about the concept scheduling side of matters.

The idea behind Storymate is you specify a schedule and add articles to a"Storymate", then posts will be scheduled at the periods you have chosen.

You can link Storymate to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ and

Simplicity is the thing that makes Storymate such a fantastic tool. It does not need complex training and there's just a little learning curve involved so it is self-explanatory and user-friendly.

Anyone can use this tool irrespective of their social media skills -- you will have the ability to schedule societal messages immediately and get basic reporting. Paid programs add team cooperation, higher message limitations and better analytics.

What we love about Storymate

Storymate's key strengths lie in its own simplicity.

There are no additional bells and whistles that are not really significant -- you just get the essentials.

Aside from the scheduling performance and analytics, you are in a position to add RSS feeds from your favourite blogs and share their information easily.

Add RSS Feeds

The simple analytics makes it easy to see which social messages are doing very best -- you can easily re-Storymate any messages with the click of a single button.


Keyboard shortcuts -- accelerate your social sharing

Storymate button overlay -- Storymate images with a click
Storymate integration using popular programs -- You'll observe a Storymate button on Twitter, Tweetdeck, Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit and Hacker News (you may disable any you don't want).

Storymate Integration

The Storymate browser extension has another neat feature called the"Power Scheduler" making it easy to schedule multiple societal messages across various occasions and reports.

Power Schedule

Storymate have gathered out a Whole Lot of other Amazing features that deserve a mention:

To begin with, they added Pinterest native and sharing video sharing which further increases Storymate's utility.

Then there's Pablo, an instrument created by Storymate making it rather simple to overlay quotes/text onto pictures.

Just select what size of image you want (different sizes work on different societal networks), personalize the text and insert a background. Then Storymate the picture, share it directly to your favorite social network or put in it.

Towards the end of 2015 that they included a calendar view and also a tool to optimize the times you share your articles.

In July 2016they included support for Instagram. Well, kind of.

Let me explain:

Instagram does not permit any instruments to post to it is app for you. None in Any Respect.

So to circumvent this, organize your Instagram article in Storymate.

When it is time to print, you'll find a push notification on your mobile phone. You may then press on a button to deliver your content over to the Instagram app and print as you would normally.

Before, I'd need to use a different tool for Instagram monitoring. Now I can eliminate one additional tool in the equation, and that's a VERY good thing.

What we do not love about Storymate

In a way Storymate is restricted as you can't see your Twitter feed directly interact with your followers.

Nonetheless, this really is a double edged sword because while this does make Storymate quite restricted, but it is also what adds much to its allure.

If Storymate added lots of additional features it wouldn't be such an effective scheduling tool and would not be so straightforward or simple to use.


Individual strategy: Free but limits to 1 profile each social networking and up to 10 scheduled messages.

Wonderful strategy: Begins from $10/month and allows for as much as 10 social profiles, including 100 scheduled messages along with 15 RSS packs per linked profile.

Business strategy: Starts from $50/month and permits up to 25 interpersonal profiles, 5 team members, 2,000 scheduled posts per profile and abundant analytics. Bigger programs are available if you need it.


The two Hootsuite along with Storymate are amazing social tools that will help you become more organized and produce better social media results.

Which application you finally choose depends mostly on your precise requirements.

Should you handle numerous social accounts and wish to have the ability to engage directly with your followers, Hootsuite could be the ideal match for you. It could take some time to get to grips with all its features but once you do, you are going to begin saving a great deal of time with handling your social profiles.

On the other hand, if you aren't able to dedicate much time to societal websites and you need something that's super fast for monitoring updates, Storymate is a great way to go. It's simple, quick and effective so you cannot fail.

The next option is to use both since Hootsuite and Storymate really do have the capability to complement each other really well. Scheduling is simpler with Storymate, but you still need to react and interact with your own followers, and that's really where Hootsuite comes in.

Nevertheless, Hootsuite is catching up in the front -- especially with the launch of its Hootlet browser expansion and publisher features.

Eventually, which tool do you prefer and why? Which additional social networking tools do you use?

Tell us in the comments below!

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