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Sellics provides two separate software platforms

It's easy to get an Amazon business up and running. The real challenge lies in growing your business and rising above your contest.
Nowadays, growth nearly certainly requires using several tools to get the perfect metrics at the right time to make profitable business decisions.

You can find tools that provide competitive intelligence in market research including Jungle Scout and Uni-Corn Smasher, or tools which help you manage your own reviews such as JumpSend.
In order to successfully grow your Amazon business, you routinely have to cycle through a mix of different analytics applications to find the data you want.

Sellics really wants to break that cycle by giving Amazon sellers with all the equipment they need in 1 place.

Sellics is essentially a onestop look for Amazon sellers who packs three to five different analytics applications into one single package.
You may use it to optimize positions, monitor competitions, manage reports , track a few performance metrics, and much more.
More Details:
Sellics Review: What is It and How Can it Work?

Founded in 2014, Sellics is just a commercial analytics company based in Germany. It started out as a simple keyword ranking tracker afterward added a few features through the years to develop into an all round applications solution for Amazon sellers.
The company boasts several large names as customers, including Bosch, KW-Commerce, Chal-Tec, Private Label Journey, and L'Oréal.

Sellics provides two different computer software programs: a Seller Edition for Amazon sellers and also a Vendor Edition for Amazon vendors.
The Seller Edition, which is exactly what this post insures, is exclusively for Amazon sellers with Seller Central accounts.

Sellics Features

There is a convenient navigation bar on peak of the page which allows you switch between your item detector, niche analyzer, and spy tool.

The center features are hidden in a dropdown menu, probably because using some of these requires you to register into your Seller Central accounts, which may be a dealbreaker for anybody with out a SC account yet who simply wishes to instantly try the program.

It is possible to read the privacy policy .

If you are still wary about connecting your Seller Central consideration, then browse below for a break down of all the features. It should allow you a pretty good idea of what to expect.
Product Detector

The product detector gives you an in-depth look at different products selling on Amazon. It makes it possible for you to will find the most profitable niches if you're having problems picking out new product ideas.

Sellics claims to have the top 10,000 Amazon best sellers filtered from category in its product database.
You can use filters for example earnings status, number of reviews, estimated sales, and burden to quickly sort through thousands of products fitting your desired criteria.
Niche Analyzer

By assessing sales volume and competitiveness in your preferred niche with the niche analyzer, you can easily tell how many sales are generated within a niche and how difficult it's going to be that you reach a high rank with the most important key terms.
Spy Tool

The spy application enables you monitor your competitor's prices and find their very best sellers.
You can also use it to track the actual sales volume of your target product, helping you reduce the risk of purchasing poor attempting to sell products and becoming stuck with unsold inventory.

You're able to ascertain the real sales volume for virtually any product on Amazon and see at a glance the way the lowest and highest prices develop in addition to grab price trends for the products.
The spy application also lets you establish a hijacker alert which notifies you when unscrupulous merchants make an effort to"attach" to your products at cheaper costs and sneak your own revenue.

The cockpit comprises widgets that show all kinds of useful data: earnings and sales, performance, reviews, keyword rankings, PPC performance, and a summary of your entire products with sales, revenue share, along with current sales rank.
It's excellent for a quick basic summary of how your products are doing.
Keyword Rankings

The Sellics keyword rank tool enables you to research new keyword phrases and phrases, find keywords your competitors are ranking for, in order to get all possible keyword combinations. Sellics claims to possess 180,000,000 Amazon key words in its database.

The search volume index is handy for learning that keywords are most relevant for the products, and the key word ranking tracker enables you to monitor how your positions grow overtime and picture the ramifications of your own optimization efforts.
Review Management

The inspection management tool will instantly notify you once you receive yourself a product review.
It's no secret that negative reviews can seriously hurt sales. By getting prompt notifications, you are able to immediately respond to negative feedback and also mitigate the harm.
Sellics lets you comment on negative reviews directly from the dash board using a single click.
Inventory Management

Carefully managing stock can be a hassle, particularly if you've got a diverse product portfolio.
The inventory management tool automatically computes an ideal re order date for your services and products based on your present stock amount, earnings speed, and lead time.
Pro Fit Dash Board

The profit dash board easily integrates with your Seller Central account to demonstrate your precise profit margins after your entire costs--FBA fees, shipping prices, PPC costs, Amazon prices, promo valuecost of goods--will be deducted in real time.

The dashboard is upgraded every five minutes and can be used to accurately track the proceeds for each of your services and products throughout the afternoon.
You can manually enter your costs to get more precise results and immediately understand the sustainability of every item, and discover that which area is disproportionately losing you more money.
PPC Manager

The PPC manager enables you track, analyze and optimize the performance of your Amazon ads.
It shows your own ad performance metrics sorted by revenue, cost, CPC, CTR, orders, impressions, etc., and which means you won't need to depend on Seller Central accounts to determine how well your efforts do.

The PPC optimizer are able to identify key words that aren't converting and supply fresh suggestions depending on the advertised cost of purchase (ACoS) and belief potential of each key word.

Sellics Review Pricing

It's possible to test each the available features free of charge for 2 weeks (no CC required) before purchasing a strategy. Sellics recommends testing its rank optimization tool with just two products.
Start by researching as much relevant keywords as you possibly can. If you're not sure which keywords perform best for the products, use the Keyword Rankings feature to take a look at the ranks of your most relevant search phrases.

For instance, if your product is still an outdoor dog house, the absolute most significant keywords may possibly be some thing like"dog house exterior" or"dog house garden." Sellics urges using the PPC optimizer to find out exactly which key words will convert.
You need to see your initial ranking improvement by the end of the trial interval. By then, Sellics will have collected enough data to create meaningful reports regarding the search phrases you track.

Once the free trial finishes, you can choose a subscription program. Sellics uses a factor pricing model that protects you based on the volume of services and products that you sell.
Sellics recently shifted their pricing model because it used a credit platform for keywords or services and products tracked, which proved very confusing and put people off the software since they couldn't know the way it worked.

The brand newest Sellics pricing model is an improvement, but it can be confusing as the subscription fee is now associated with your Amazon earnings.

As an example, if your sales amount is between $1,000 and $60,000, subsequently Sellics will cost you $ $67 monthly, with a $342 bi annual option ($57 per month) and also a $564 annual option ($ 4-7 each month).

Here's a breakdown of Sellics pricing:

Sales Volume Yearly Monthly Plan Biannual Plan Annual Plan
$0 $57/month NIL NIL

$240K -- $600K $157/month $137/month $117/month

Each plan, no matter the tier, will give you use of all center features, all Amazon niches using unlimited products and keywords, as well as access to this Sellics mobile program.

Customer Support

Based upon your time zone, you won't have to wait for more than half of a day for replies to any questions you send working periods (9% to 6:30 p.m. CET). The service team is very receptive.

In Summary

The Great

Sessions and conversion rates -- the operation widget shows the conversion and sessions speed for all the products, which will be a feature most tools don't have.
Excellent customer support -- the support team could be reached via live chat or email. They react to queries fairly quickly.
Extensive knowledgebase -- Sellics has an online knowledgebase that covers every feature with tips about how to best use the tools to cultivate your company.
Supports 8 Amazon market places -- Sellics supports several Amazon marketplaces, for example U.S., UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Mexico, and Canada.
Variable pricing -- your subscription fee is set by your yearly company volume. This is a marked improvement from their old pricing model.

The Not Too Good

Even trial users must join Seller Central account -- you can't test the vast majority of those features without linking your Seller Central accounts.
Adds third-party promos to your own profits -- Sellics increases the worthiness of most types of promos, even ones who are not yoursto a profits because Amazon's API believes any sale having a price discount to be a promotion.
This can artificially inflate your sales amounts.
Historical data is restricted -- Sellics can simply pull two months worth of historical statistics on the benefit dashboard because of limits set by Amazon's API.
No user management application -- you currently can not create many users with different rights, but Sellics intends to introduce a user direction feature in the future.
Limited to a Seller Central account per Sellics account -- you can not incorporate multiple Seller Central accounts into one Sellics account, however Sellics will provide you with a 20% discount for each additional Sellics accounts you create.
No downloadable reports -- you can't export or down load testimonials from the Sellics account.

Confusing prices -- The pricing model can be confusing at first. It might be negative or positive depending on your Amazon earnings and the subscription fee that you pay.

Our Verdict

Sellics is very good because it packs every analytics application you will need to have to profitably sell on Amazon in one neat package.
It provides you with the data and performance metrics that you want to grow your own Amazon business, with options to dive deeper and more gain additional insight from key performance indicators.

If you want an internet analytics dash that supplies you with the approximate profitability of your services and products along with convenient features such as a PPC boss and ranking tracker, then Sellics could be your way to go.
It also strongly wins inside our comparison between Sellics and AMZ Tracker.

The main drawback is you must join your Seller Central consideration to use most of the features Sellics provides.
If you're only getting started and do not possess a Seller Central accounts, subsequently Sellics is not the right software for you. In this instance, we would recommend using Jungle Scout over Sellics if you continue to be in the item research phase.
It will make product research of a job and radically boost your odds of obtaining a profitable niche.

For all those further in the future together with their Amazon business, Sellics is certainly well worth giving a try.

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